Marty, a resident of East Hawthorn, was keen on switching from a gas cooktop to an electric one in his kitchen. He also desired a makeover for his existing power points, as he was dissatisfied with their appearance. Opting for convenience, Marty reached out to O’Shea Electrical, his local electrician in Melbourne conveniently located in Hawthorn.

Expressing his desire to upgrade kitchen appliances, Marty sought additional power points for the new cooktop. He also aimed to swap out the existing gas cooktop for an electric cooktop appliance installation.Top of Form

The team at O’Shea Electrical promptly scheduled Bailey to visit on the same day for an assessment. Bailey arrived and meticulously inspected the existing wiring and electrical setup to gauge its capacity and identify any needed upgrades.

Following the assessment, Bailey crafted a tailored installation plan to meet Marty’s needs, ensuring compliance with safety standards and maximising space efficiency. Assessing the kitchen’s wiring was crucial to ensure it could handle the added load from the electric cooktop and new power points.

After measuring the current cooktop, Bailey informed Marty about the required size for the replacement. Additionally, Bailey recommended durable Clipsal power points known for their longevity. Marty, impressed by the thorough consultation and attention to detail, decided to proceed with the upgrade, scheduling the job and purchasing an electric cooktop.

Members from the O’Shea Electrical team arrived punctually, assessments were made to the wiring and kitchen area. In this case, wiring upgrades were necessary to ensure the electrical system could support the additional load. This included upgrading circuit breakers and wiring where needed.

Compliance with safety regulations and electrical codes was paramount to ensure the installation was safe and met legal requirements.

Power points were strategically placed in convenient locations to provide easy access for Marty while minimising visual impact. The electric cooktop was installed in a suitable location with proper ventilation and clearance requirements.

The project was completed successfully within the agreed timeframe and budget. Marty was satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the professionalism demonstrated by O’Shea Electrical throughout the project.


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